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Why rent furniture ?

Renting furniture will allow you to enjoy high-quality furnishings that fit your current living situation without making a long-term commitment.

Saves you money

Buying furniture can be a costly investment, be it for a house or for rental setups, instead of getting loans for this investment one could opt for rental furnishings with Upscale Furnishings Solutions Ltd. Rental furniture is hassle-free and stress-free, you can pick what you want at your convenience on our website and get it delivered and set up at your location.

Hassle-free & convenient

One of the biggest advantages of furniture rental is the convenience of it. You don’t have to think about the different delivery methods and times or the warranty process, because with renting your furniture at one place, the rules are always the same. We deliver all your furniture to your home and is the rental period over? Then we will simply pick up your interior again. No hassle with moving, renting your own van or selling your home accessories – we relieve you in this entire process


Purchasing an entire interior is quite an investment and in some cases renting your furniture is simply better for your wallet especially because we have options for every budget. Whether you want to spend a little bit more on your furniture or rather keep it basic, we have something for everyone. And you only pay for the period you actually need the furniture. You don’t need it anymore? You don’t have to pay anymore.

You get so much more than just furniture

And it’s not only about the furniture, but about everything you need to enjoy your home: pots, pans, electrical appliances. With the rental services of Upscale, you are also able to rent other appliances you need to make your house feel like a home.


Let’s be honest, you never buy all your furniture from just one store, which means you have to take into account every detail from every store. By renting your complete interior from Upscale, we are able to provide tailor-made service. Is something broken or is it not working? Are you not really satisfied? Then we would like to help you and look for a suitable solution together! That’s the service we are offering.

For everyone!

And whether you are an HR manager who has to furnish a home for a new employee or an ex-pat who comes to live in a new country for a specific period – we have an offer for every target group and we are happy to help with the process from A to Z. So, these are all the amazing advantages of renting your furniture! Are you still not really sure if you want to rent or buy your furniture? Be sure to check out our blog, in which we compare the different cases for you. Do you want to see more information about our services? See the information below.