Short term rentals

Living in one city and working in another can make home feel far away. Live comfortably where you are.


Short term rentals

If you’re simply looking at something economical and practical for your short-term accommodation needs, this is the choice for you.
Short-term rentals can last from 1 to 6 months. Upscale provides short term furniture rental to ease your furnishing needs. We offer a range of clean and quality furniture at a reasonable price for you to enjoy the comfort of home during your short stay. Our team will hand-pick the furniture pieces for you.

This is the option for you if you are:

  • Relocating to Kenya
  • Relocated here temporarily
  • Testing the city’s waters for business opportunities before heading back shortly

Some expatriates may also choose to ship over their furniture to Kenya. In the interim, they will require our short-term rental services before their own furniture arrives.

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